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Free Games Archive - Total Games - 13
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Alien Invasion
Free Games - Alien Invasion The Alien Invaders are here and it is your job to save the Earth!

Shoot the Melons
Free Games - Shoot the MelonA Melontastic extravaganza! Splat Melons and feel the tension ebb away...

Amoeba Attacks
Free Games - Amoeba Attacks The Amoeba's are the enemy and you must destroy them to save the world!

Free Games - WarpThe classic shoot-em-up; where the fun never stops. Very addictive

Maze Wars
Free Games - Maze WarsIn Maze Wars you are up against a nameless but deadly assassin who is trying to find his way out of the same maze as you

Science Quiz
Science QuizA link to our great science quiz where the questions are changed regularly and you can test your science knowledge

Slider Puzzle
Free Games - Slider PuzzleHow quickly can you put the pieces together when you are against the clock?

Free Games - 3D MazeCan you work out how to make it through the maze?

Web Pong
Free Games - Web PongPing Pong on the Web. Pick up your bat and do battle...

Memory Game
Free Games - Memory GameHas your memory got what it takes to master this game?

Jigsaw Puzzle
Free Games - Jigsaw Puzzle This is a race against the clock to scramble a jigsaw and put it back together...Only the co-ordinated will prosper...

Read Your Mind
Free Games - Read Your MindTest out FirstScience.com's Psychic Powers!

Flash Wordsearch
Free Games - Flash WordsearchFind the words in the puzzle.


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