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Lunar Leonids
Science Article on Lunar Leonids
Dr. Tony Phillips
For most stargazers, this year's quarter Moon during the Leonid meteor shower will be a blazing nuisance...

The Youngest Pulsar Yet
Science Article on The Youngest Pulsar Yet
Imagine the Universe
A hot, spinning, highly-magnetized infant no more than ten miles across, born in a massive star explosion about 700 years ago.

Riding a Magnetic Bubble
Science Article on Riding a Magnetic BubbleDr. Tony Phillips
Scientists are experimenting with miniature magnetospheres as an innovative form of space transportation.

Wheels in the Sky
Science Article on Wheels in the SkyPatrick Berry
Long before the ISS was actually underway, a space station where people live and work existed in the minds of science fiction writers.
Spaceships of the Future
Science Article on Spaceships of the FutureStuart Carter
The furthest we have been is the Moon. If we want to travel into deep space we'll need a new breed of spacecraft.
The Great Telescope Race
TelescopeNigel Henbest
Astronomers around the world are competing to build the world's most powerful telescope.
Exploring The Invisible Universe
Chandra X-ray telescopeMarshall Space Flight Centre
NASA's Chandra X-ray telescope will help scientists understand the mysteries of the universe.
Are We Alone?
Science Article on Are We Alone?
Sir Martin Rees,
Astronomer Royal
Martin Rees discusses one of the most fascinating questions in science.
Worlds Around Other Suns
Science ArticleKevin Apps
Kevin Apps looks at the discovery of planets beyond our solar system.
The Real Armageddon
Science Article on The Real ArmageddonLawrence Krauss
Lawrence Krauss considers the future of the universe and the prognosis for life within it.
Alien Contact
Science Article on Alien ContactSeth Shostak
SETI researcher Seth Shostak predicts how we'll react to the first phone call from ET.
Life Off Earth
Science Article on Life off EarthHeather Couper
The discovery of alien life is just around the corner, predicts Heather Couper.
The Hubble Decade
Science Article on The Hubble DecadeNigel Henbest
Nigel Henbest investigates the greatest discovery machine in the history of science
Recipe for the Universe
Recipe for the Universe
Sir Martin Rees,
Astronomer Royal
Our whole Universe is governed by just six numbers, set at the time of the Big Bang.
Seasons of the Sun
Sun and Earth
Leslie Mullen
Predicting what the Sun will do next has effects on power distribution, orbiting spacecraft and even the weather.
Water on the Space Station
ISSDr Tony Philips
Rationing and recycling will be an essential part of life on the International Space Station.
Breathing Easy on the Space Station
Patrick Barry
Life support systems on the ISS provide oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, and manage emissions. It's all part of breathing easy in space.
Microbes on the Space Station
Patrick Barry
In this article we take a look at Microbes on the Space Station and how they will be kept in check.
Constructing the Space Station
Constructing the Space Station
Patrick Barry
Building a structure for living in space poses a different set of design challenges than building homes on the ground
Image of the Cosmos
Dr Tony Phillips
Scientists have captured the first focused hard x-ray images of the cosmos.
Terraforming Mars
Terraforming Mars
Dr Tony Philips
Artificial greenhouse gases could provide the means to make Mars a more comfortable place for humans to live.
The Alignment of Planets
Setting the Schedule for Space Exploration
Ron Kozcor
In ancient times heavenly alignments foretold doom. Nowadays they set the schedule for space exploration.
Nature's Tiniest Space Junk
Dr Tony Philips
Scientists are monitoring tiny but hazardous meteoroids that swarm around our planet.
Martian Life - The NASA Cover Up?
Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Did the Viking spacecraft discover Life on Mars in 1976?
Unmasking the Face on Mars
Dr Tony Phillips
Revealing the Face on Mars for what it really is: a mesa...
Planet Hunters
Stuart Carter
A new breed of astronomers is scanning the skies. The Planet Hunters...
Distant Wanderers
Bruce Dorminey
Are we approaching a time when finding life on other planets could become a reality?
Saturn's Rings
Dr Tony Phillips
Four hundred years after they were discovered, Saturn's breathtaking rings remain a mystery.
The Edge of Sunshine
Gil Knier
How far away from our sun can photovoltaics work?
Water on Mars
Trudy E Bell
New data suggests that the long story of water on Mars isn't over yet.
Gravity on the Brain
Karen Miller
A ball-catching experiment in space has revealed that human brains have a built-in model of gravity.
The Stuff Between The Stars
Patrick Barry
The cosmos is laced with tiny specks of dust that decide the fate of young stars and planets.
Lost in Space
Dr Tony Phillips
In an alien world where up and down have no meaning. It can be difficult feeling Lost in Space.
A Day in the Life of a Space Walker
Karen Miller
Jim Reilly tells what it's like to do construction work in the far-out environment of space.
The First Starlight
Patrick Barry
Scientists have found some of the first-born stars in our Universe
Space Power
Linda Voss
What advances are required to send explorers throughout the solar system?
Rocket Ride
Trudy E. Bell
New safe and fast technologies to propel explorers across the solar system.
Space Scents
Karen Miller & Dr Tony Phillips
Sending flowers into space to find new perfumes
The Archaeology Mission
Dr Tony Phillips
A thousand years from now NASA's Deep Space 1 probe could make some archaeologist very happy.
Danger in Space
Stuart Carter
In this article we take a broader look at the history of space disasters over the last four decades.
Men in Space?
Sir Martin Rees
Follow up to Danger in Space that ponders the dangers of men travelling into space.
Ron Kozcor
Hubble has measured the diameter of a distant world more than half the size of Pluto
The Great Dark Spot
Dr Tony Phillips
The Cassini spacecraft has photographed a dark cloud on Jupiter twice as big as Earth itself.
Human Time Bomb?
Stuart Carter and Nigel Henbest
Should Space Shuttle Columbia have launched at all?
Popcorn Supernovas
Dr Tony Phillips
Studying the remains of some uncomfortably close supernova explosions.
Dr Tony Phillips
Astronauts onboard the ISS are capturing some amazing photos of the night sky.
A Star With Two North Poles
Dr Tony Phillips
The effects of the Sun's magnetic field going haywire can be felt around the solar system.
Making A Splash On Mars
Dr Tony Phillips
A dash of salt might help to explain why liquid water could exist on Mars.
Ancient Planet
Ron Kozcor
Some 13 billion years ago in a distant cluster of stars, a planet formed.
Harvesting Mars
Karen Miller
Using carbon dioxide - the main gas in Mars' atmosphere - to harvest rocket fuel and water from the red planet.
How Astronauts Get Along
Karen Miller
Six months in a tiny spaceship with the same crewmates can drive anyone to distraction.
Revenge of the Magnetar
Dr Tony Phillips
Scientists have discovered a few solar flares each year that are not like the others...
Black Hole Sound Waves
Ron Kozcor
Sound waves are rumbling away from a black hole in the Perseus cluster.
Solar Superstorm
Ron Kozcor
The most potent disruption of Earth's ionosphere in recorded history could happen again.
The Sun Goes Haywire
Dr Tony Phillips
Solar maximum is years past, yet the sun has been remarkably active lately. Is the sunspot cycle broken?
Membranes on Mars
Karen Miller
Thin membranes could help people go to Mars and clean the air here on Earth.
Mars Mice
Karen Miller
In 2006 a group of mice-astronauts will orbit Earth to learn what its like to live on Mars.
The Fruit Fly in You
Dr Tony Phillips
Sending fruit flies to the ISS to learn what space travel does to the genes of astronauts.
Can People Go To Mars?
Dr Tony Phillips
Space radiation between Earth and Mars poses a hazard to astronauts.
Microscopic Astronauts
Dr Tony Phillips
It's unavoidable: Humans can't go to space without taking trillions of microbes with them.
Resilient Rockets
Patrick Barry
New NASA technology protects the insides of scorching-hot engines
James Cook - Transit of Venus
Dr Tony Phillips
In 1769 Captain James Cook was enthralled by a Transit of Venus.
Blue Moon
Dr Tony Phillips
On July 31st, you should look, because there's going to be a Blue Moon...
The Last Moon Experiment?
Dr Tony Phillips
A science experiment left behind on the moon is still running today.
Shields Up!
Dr Tony Phillips
A breeze of interstellar helium atoms is blowing through the solar system...
Solar Cycle 2004
Dr Tony Phillips
Something strange happened on the sun last week: all the sunspots vanished...
In Search of GravitoMagnetism
Dr Tony Phillips
Gravity Probe B has left Earth to measure a subtle yet long-sought force of Nature.
Soldering Away
Patrick L Barry
Research aboard the space station is adapting a tried-and-true repair tool, the soldering iron, to weightlessness..
A Breeze from the Star Signs
Dr Tony Phillips
NASA spacecraft are monitoring an interstellar wind coming from the constellation Ophiuchus.
Sights and Sounds of Titan
Dr Tony Phillips
The European Space Agency's Huygens probe has landed on Saturn's giant moon Titan.
Space Teamwork
Karen Miller
Teamwork as important as oxygen, fuel and radiation shielding to an astronaut
Moon Solar Flares
Dr Tony Phillips
The biggest solar proton storm in 15 years erupted on the moon on 20th January 2005
Rainbows on Titan
Dr Tony Phillips
Saturn's moon Titan is wet, according to the ESA's Huygens probe, but Titan's "water" is not like Earth's.
Blue Skies On Saturn
Dr Tony Phillips
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has discovered another world with blue skies: Saturn.
Mars Via The Moon
Trudy E Bell
Why colonize the Moon before going to Mars? NASA scientists give their reasons.
Moon Fountains
Trudy E Bell
Electrified fountains and
other strange things on the Moon.
Moon Dust Madness!
Trudy E Bell
When humans return to the Moon they will have to be careful what they inhale...
Prospecting for Lunar Water
Patrick L Barry
Settling alien worlds is thirsty work...
Friday the 13th, 2029
Dr Tony Phillips
Asteroid 2004 MN4 will come scarily close to Earth on April 13, 2029, but it will not hit.
A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
Patrick L Barry
NASA plans to put a laser in orbit around the Moon to map its surface for future explorers.
Approaching Mars
Dr Tony Phillips
Earth and Mars will have a breathtaking close encounter in October 2005
A New Kind of Solar Storm
Dr Tony Phillips
Going to the Moon? Be careful. A new kind of solar storm can take you by surprise
Spectacular Conjunction
Dr Tony Phillips
Mercury, Venus and Saturn are converging for a spectacular close encounter this weekend.
A Forcefield for Astronauts
Patrick L Barry
Researchers are reviving an old but wild idea to protect astronauts from space radiation
Abandoned Spaceships
Patrick L Barry
Getting a clear pictures of Apollo relics on the Moon
10th Planet
Dr Tony Philips
Astronomers have found a new planet in the outer reaches of the solar system.
Radioactive Moon
Patrick L Barry
How much radiation awaits lunar colonists? A new NASA mission aims to find out.
Mars Doubles In Brightness
Dr Tony Philips
The red planet, already intense, is about to get much brighter.
How is a Rocket Like a Guitar
Dr Tony Phillips
Guitars and rockets have a lot in common, but what's good for a musician might spell trouble for an astronaut.
New Moons for Pluto
Dr Tony Phillips
The Hubble Space Telescope has revealed that Pluto appears to have not just one, but three moons..

What Was the Star of Bethlehem?
Nigel Henbest
A comet, a close approach of Jupiter and Saturn or a lunar occultation of the giant planet?

The Challenger Admission
Victoria Matthews
Space shuttle design flaws have had disastrous consequences for the American space program.

Baby Universe
Early universe
Jo Locke
A picture of our universe from the first moments of its existence helps explain why it looks the way it does.

Planetary Science top Space Biology Physics Technology  
Learning from Lightning
The immense power of LightningNASA
Sensors in space are revealing the inner workings of severe storms in an effort to improve forcasts of deadly weather.
The Fury of Hurricanes
Hurricane 'Bret'NOAA
Hurricanes continue to wreck havoc, costing millions of dollars in damage each year.
Storm of the Century
Storm of the CenturyNASA
Hurricane Floyd was responsible for the largest peacetime evacuation in the history of the US.
Electric Skies
Electric SkiesEarle Williams
Earle Williams talks to FirstScience about his work and experiences of lightning.
The Age of El Nino
WavesJohn Weier
The answer to predicting El Nino's effects may lie in algae.
Super-Thunderstorms on Jupiter
The secret behind Jupiter's turbulant atmosphere is out.
Chasing Tornadoes
TornadoJosh Wurman
Josh Wurman talks to FirstScience about his fascination with tornadoes.
The Solar Weather Technique
HurricanePiers Corbyn
Piers Corbyn discusses his unique way of predicting weather.
Great Eruptions
Basalt flowSteve Self
Steve Self uncovers the ancient flood-basalt eruptions which might have contributed to the death of the dinosaurs.
Worlds in Eruption
Galileo encountering IoDuncan Copp
Terrestrial volcanoes are dwarfed by the monsters recently discovered on other worlds.
Weird Weather
SundogsPaul Simons
Paul Simons reports on the strange but true wonders of weather.
Dynamic Pulsating Eruptions
Pulsating EruptionsStephen Sparks
Volcanologist Steve Sparks unlocks the mysteries of explosive volcanoes.
Ocean Forces Threaten Our Climate
Ocean Forces Threaten Our ClimateJohn Gribbin
Powerful forces beneath the ocean waves may wreak havoc on our climate, driven by global warming.
Earth's Fidgeting Climate
The Greenhouse Effect?Patrick L.Barry
Is human activity warming the Earth or are natural climate changes to blame?
Contrary Thermometers
Contrary Thermometers
Patrick L.Barry
How can the globe be warming, and yet not warming at the same time?
Flowing Sand in Space
Flowing Sand in Space
Steve Price
Scientists are sending sand into Earths orbit to learn more about how soil behaves during earthquakes.
Continents in Collision
Continents in Collision
Patrick L.Barry
Earth's massive continents are on the move
Heart of the Hurricane
Heart of the Hurricane
Patrick L.Barry
Scientists are peering into the centre of storms in ways that were never before possible, in a bid to understand what happens at the heart of a hurricane.
The Greening of Mars
Terraforming Mars
Dr Tony Phillips
A hardy microbe from Earth might one day transform the barren ground of Mars into arable soil.
Jellyplants on Mars
Karen Miller and Dr Tony Phillips
Scientists are creating a new breed of glowing plants - part mustard and part jellyfish - to help humans explore Mars.
The Water of Life
Annie Strickler and Gil Knier
Now NASA has a better way to find moisture in the Earth
Science Out of Africa
Science Out of Africa
Patrick L. Barry
In this story a scientist describes his down-to-earth encounters with poisonous snakes, charging elephants and more
Hurricane Pilots
Steve Price and Patrick Barry
Flying into the largest storms on Earth is all in a day's work for some pilots.
Planetary Waves and Ozone Holes
Patrick Barry and Dr Tony Phillips
Atmospheric waves suppress ozone holes over Earth's northern hemisphere
Global Warming and Storm Chasing
Adam Carter
Be afraid...the Storm Chasers are coming..
Great Bugs of Fire
Dr David Noever
A volcano-loving bug offers clues as to how to live in extreme conditions
The Science of Sandcastles
Patrick Barry
Exploring the science of sandcastles...
Moon Trees
Dr Tony Phillips
Hundreds of trees have been to the Moon. How they got there and back again is a curious tale.
Strange Clouds
Dr Tony Phillips
Astronauts have been observing electric blue "noctilucent" clouds from Earth-orbit.
Patrick Barry
Satellites may be able to detect earthquakes - before they strike!
The Hidden Life of Thunderstorms
Patrick Barry
Unmanned aircraft are learning about he hidden life of thunderstorms.
The Earth's Magnetic Flip?
Dr Tony Phillips
The Earth's magnetic field is in a constant state of change, and we are beginning to understand it better.
Global Warming - Chilling Possibility
global warming
Patrick Barry
Melting Arctic sea ice might trigger colder weather in Europe and North America.
Storm Warnings
Patrick Barry
A new device could improve forecasts of severe weather storm warnings.
Cold Peril: The Ulysses Spacecraft
ulysses spacecraft
Dr Tony Phillips
The Ulysses spacecraft is perilously cold as it begins a newly mission to study the sun.
Cracks in Earth's Magnetic Shield
Ron Kozcor
Immense cracks in our planet's magnetic field can allow the solar wind to gush through.
Extreme Ecosystem
Ron Kozcor
Microbiologists have found a community of extreme-loving microbes in California's Mono Lake.
What Causes Drought?
Patrick L Barry
Science provides some answers as to what causes droughts - and some baffling questions..
How The Earthquake Affected Earth
Dr Tony Phillips
The Dec 26th 2004 earthquake quickened Earth's rotation.
MarsThe Sands of Mars
Driving, digging, mining: these are things astronauts will be doing one day in the sands of Mars.
The Da Vinci Glow
Dr Tony Phillips
Five hundred years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci solved an ancient astronomical riddle:Earthshine.
Terror of the Tsunami
Stuart Carter
Almost a year on, we look back at the tragic events in the Indian Ocean, and ask: could it happen again?
Science of Gemstones
Hugh Williams
Diamonds, rubies and sapphires captivate us through their heavenly beauty – but they are born in hellish fires deep in the Earth.
Arthur C. Clarke - The Visionary
Arthur C. Clarke
Heather Couper
Sixty years after Arthur C. Clarke predicted communications satellites, what lies inside the mind of the leading science fiction writer and science guru?
Biology top Planetary Space Physics Technology  
Memories are Made of This
Stuart Brown
Taking a look at the wonderful world of Memory.
Aquatic Culture
Aquatic Culture
Denise L. Herzing
Dolphins and the Possibility of Interspecies Communication
Form Follows Sequence
Form Follows Sequence
Paul Pruess
"Form follows function" said architect Louis Sullivan, arguing that a building's purpose should determine its design.
Finding Fossils from Space?
John Weier
Fossil hunting takes a step into the future with the use of satellite data to locate new fossil beds in the depths of the Gobi desert.
Science, Wonder and Ancient Wisdom
Science, Wonder and WisdomRichard Dawkins
Science can be a roller coaster ride...
Do Women Prefer 'Manly' Faces?
Manly VisionsLittle & Perrett
A man's face-shape affects whether a woman wants him for a long-term partner or for a quick fling.
Don't Turn Your Back On Science
Don't Turn Your Back on Science
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins explains why nature needs science to avoid its destruction.
Almost Like a Whale
Almost like a WhaleSteve Jones
A modern update by Steve Jones on Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species'.
Holding Hands with Dinosaurs
Tyrannosaurus RexDamon Wright
Our love affair with ancient extinct monsters is as strong as ever.
Ancient Falconry
Trained Hawk
Keith Dobney
Keith Dobney investigates the origins of domestication.
Plastics You Could Eat
SpheruliteKathy Sykes
Kathy Sykes considers the future of biodegradable plastic
ExtinctionNorman MacLeod Palaeontologist Norman MacLeod investigates the murder of millions of species over Earth’s history.
Superbugs From Hell
Super Bugs from HellPaul Davies
New evidence suggests that life on Earth began not in shallow pools on the surface, but in the torrid depths of the planetary crust. And the planet in question might not even be the Earth...
Life on Mars?
Life on Mars?Patrick L.Barry
The Allan Hills meteorite from Mars is peppered with tiny magnetic crystals that on our planet are made only by bacteria. Is there Life on Mars?
Surviving Life on Mars
Surviving Life on MarsDave Dooling
'Like a muscle-bound movie hero, it withstands attacks from acid baths, high and low temperatures, and even radiation doses.' We explore surviving life on Mars.
Who wrote the Book of Life?
Who wrote the Book of Life?Leslie Mullen
The "D'Arcy Machine" and the quest for the 'Book of Life'.
Life in the Dark
Life in the DarkPatrick Barry
Biologists always thought life required the Sun's energy, until they found an ecosystem that thrives in complete darkness.
Genesis by Comets?
Genesis by Comets?NASA
A new experiment suggests that comet impacts could have sowed the seeds of life on Earth billions of years ago.
Space Seeds Return to Earth
Space Seeds Return to the EarthDr Tony Phillips
Seed pods from a commercial gardening experiment aboard the ISS are back on our planet.
Gravity Hurts
Gravity Hurts Karen Miller
Strange things can happen to the human body when the familiar pull of gravity vanishes.
Space Bones
Doug Hullander
Zero-G in space can have some negative side effects - like the weakening of human bones.
Wide Awake in Outer Space
Karen Miller
NASA researchers are exploring ways to help astronauts enjoy a better night's sleep.
Into the Minds of Babies
BabiesDare Baldwin
Our understanding of how social cognition, language, and knowledge.
Wizard Science
Wizard Science by Nigel HenbestNigel Henbest
Are feats of wizardry possible in the real world? The surprising answer is yes...
Floating Fertility
SpermKaren Miller
Researchers have found that gravity - either too much or too little of it - affects the behaviour of sperm in puzzling ways.
Good Vibrations
Good VibrationsPatrick L. Barry
A new treatment under study by NASA could reverse bone loss experienced by astronauts in space.
Combatting Anthrax
AnthraxDr Tony Phillips
Looking at a device that attacks and destroys airborne pathogens - like Anthrax.
The Science of Shark Attacks
The Science of Shark AttacksStuart Carter
Every year there are over 100 shark attacks. But can we predict their behaviour and avoid their attack?
Cell Wars
Karen Miller
Immune cells vs. invaders: There is a war going on in every healthy human body.
Dizzy in Space
Doug Hullander
Astronauts returning to Earth sometimes feel light-headed. Now doctors may have a solution.
Skeletons in Space
Karen Miller
Skeletons feel the effects of gravity... and respond in unexpected ways.
Patrick Barry
250 million years ago something unknown wiped out most life on our planet.
Healthy Intentions
Cindy Engel
Most of us have healthy intentions when it comes the food we eat.
Sowing Seeds in a Magnetic Field
Dr Tony Phillips
Scientists hope that an unusual experiment will reveal how plants know up from down.
Rift Valley Fever
Karen Miller
Scientists are learning that the key to predicting certain epidemics - like Rift Valley fever.
Fantastic Voyage
Patrick Barry
Scientists are crafting microscopic vessels that can venture into the human body and repair problems.
The First Blood Transfusion (Almost)
Pete Moore
The origins of blood transfusions as told in the story of Antoine Mauroy one of the first recipients
Space Medicine
Karen Miller
Looking at how to keep astronauts safe and healthy during long trips through the solar system.
Hip Science
Steve Price
Researchers are developing artificial bones for pain-free hip implants.
Balancing Brains
Karen Miller
Researchers are learning new things about the human brain by studying how astronauts regain their balance.
Karen Miller
Researchers are studying the strange effects
of artificial gravity on humans.
Robot Blood?
Dr. Tony Phillips
Scientists are studying strange fluids that might one day flow in the veins of robots
Ecology Ablaze
Patrick Barry
The rich diversity of wildlife in southern Mexico and Central America is in peril. What is being done?
The Essence of Humanity
Charles Pasternak
Exploring the very essence of what makes us human.
Artificial Cells
Karen Miller
Researchers are learning to make designer cells for dehydrated blood supplies and space-age medicines.
Slaphead Science: A Brief History of Baldness Cures
Christopher Wanjek
Exploring the history of baldness cures down the ages.
DNA Biosentinels
Karen Miller
Learning how to snag strands of DNA and examine them one by one...
Space: A Bad Influence on Microbes
Patrick L. Barry
At least one common disease-causing microbe becomes more virulent in simulated microgravity.
From Sex to Humanity: How to be Human - A Guide in Two Parts (1)
Pete Moore
Trying to work out what makes YOU a vibrant human being.
From Sex to Humanity: How to be Human - Part 2
Pete Moore
The exciting concluding part of Pete Moore's exploration of being human!
Hospital Infections: Past, Present and Future
Thomas Dormandy
The history of hospital infections from early pioneers to superbugs.
The Science of Love
Charles Pasternak
Forget Flowers!...Is Dopamine the main stimulus for Romantic Love?
The History of the Black Death
C Duncan, S Scott
Here in the first of a two part investigation into the Black Death we take a look at its history. (Part 1 of 2)
The Black Death - Modern Nightmare?
C Duncan, S Scott
Could the Black Death return and become a modern killing nightmare? (Part 2 of 2)
The Electric Border Collie
P Barry & T Phillips
Herding microbes for the benefit of astronauts.
Have Blood, Will Travel
P Barry & T Phillips
The radiation astronauts encounter in deep space could put vital blood-making cells in jeopardy.
DNA Secrets of a Salty Survivor
Patrick L Barry
A microbe that grows in the Dead Sea is teaching scientists about the art of DNA repair.
Malaria Alerts From Space
Patrick L Barry
Identifying high-risk "hot spots" for deadly diseases like malaria before outbreaks strike.
Cataracts - Blinding Flashes
Patrick L Barry
Shedding new light on the treatment of cataracts through the experience of astronauts
Space Radiation
Patrick L Barry
Sensors inside astronauts' cells could warn of health impacts from space radiation
Obesity Beware!
Karen Miller
Altered gravity plays an unexpected role in obesity and weight loss.
Greenhouses For Mars
Karen Miller
Researchers are learning how greenhouses work on other planets.
Why Do Workouts Work?
Patrick L Barry
Exploring how and why exercise causes muscles to grow.
Ultrasound for Astronauts
Karen Miller
Astronauts in space are learning to give themselves checkups using ultrasound.
Howard Hughes and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Charles Pasternak
Exploring the role that OCD played in the demise of Howard Hughes.
Cancer Mystery
Karen Miller
Researchers agree that space radiation can cause cancer. They're just not sure how.
Sleeping In Space
Patrick L Barry
Sleep researchers are learning new and surprising things about sleeping in space.
Life Before Birth
Stuart Carter
The miracle of life that starts with just a single egg and a single sperm may be even more incredible than we think
Prozac For Plants
Karen Miller
How do you get plants to grow on Mars? The first step: relieve their anxiety.
Science of Sex
Stuart Carter
Scientists have now discovered that there are three separate sex drives that control the rules of the mating game.
Cancer Detectives
Ann Kushmerick
Gold dust could soon help doctors diagnose and treat cancer.
Nesting Wars
Elizabeth Quinn
Monk parakeets that have returned to the wild are causing problems for utility companies.
Earthquake Ancestors
Virginia Hughes
Layers of sand in the earth have helped seismologists investigate the history of earthquakes in Chile.
Radioactive Repercussions
Meera Shah
Many fear that new uranium mines in Andra Pradesh, India, will affect the health of locals.
Malaria No More
Hugh Sturrock
A common fungus could be the weapon needed to fight malaria.
Skincare Myths
Aquatic Culture
Alom Shaha
Is there any truth to the science in adverts for skincare products?
Deep Brain Stimulation
Katherine Nightingale
A treatment for Parkinson's disease involves implanting electrodes in the brain and connecting them to a pacemaker.
Designer Strawberries
Meagan White
Genetically-modified strawberries are paving the way to more vitamin-rich fruit.
Eternal Youth?
Arthur Chee
A newly-discovered enzyme may hold the key to longevity.
Aspartame Angst
Katherine Nightingale
For the past 25 years, scientists and public groups have been warring over the safety of the sweetener aspartame.
Physics top Planetary Space Biology Technology  

Unveiling the Dark Energy
Dark Energy
Paul Preuss
Scientists propose to launch a satellite named SNAP on a mission to discover the nature of the dark energy.

BuckyballsLynn Yarris
Berkeley researchers fashion first transistors from single buckyballs.

The Theory of Everything
Black holeMichio Kaku
Michio Kaku on the theory of everything.

Eclipse that Changed the Universe
Solar Eclipse at Sobral 1919Peter Coles
The contest between two of science’s greatest geniuses.

Supernova sheds light on Dark Energy
SupernovaDr Tony Philips
The Universe is filled with a mysterious form of energy pushing galaxies apart at an ever-increasing rate.

The Beginner's Guide to Making a

A Star is BornDr. Tony Philips
A look at how supernovae spray the essential elements of life into interstellar space.

A Beginner's Guide to Antimatter
Antimatter ExplosionRon Koczor
It may be the ultimate fuel for space travel, but right now antimatter is fleeting, difficult to work with, and measured in atoms not pounds!

Reaching for the Stars
Plasma CloudDave Dooling
In this article Scientists examine using antimatter and fusion to propel future spacecraft.
The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
FeynmanRichard Feynman
Richard Feynman reflects on his life from the atomic bomb to the Nobel Prize.
Ballooning for Cosmic Rays
Dr Tony Phillips
Shedding new light on the mysteries of cosmic rays.
The Sun's Sizzling Corona
The SunDr Tony Philips
Scientists continue to ponder one of the Sun's most closely guarded secrets.
Bizarre Boiling
Bizarre BoilingPatrick Barry
Watching liquids boil in low gravity can teach us some important physics lessons.
Santa's Science
Santa's ScienceRoger Highfield
Christmas may be a fun time for most of us...But for Santa it's all rather hard work...
Black Holes and Time Machines
Sir Martin Rees
Getting to grips with that most exotic of space phenomena...the black hole
Atomic Clocks
Atomic ClocksLinda Voss
Scientists are building atomic clocks that keep time with mind-boggling precision.
Superfluids and Neutron Stars
Superfluids and Neutron StarsDr Tony Phillips
Researchers are bringing astrophysics from deep space right into their laboratories
A Galactic Mystery
A Galactic MysteryTrudy E Bell
A mysterious black hole lies at the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy...
The Great Ketchup Mystery
The Great Ketchup MysteryPatrick Barry
The great mystery of why ketchup first will not come out, and then gushes out may be on the road to being solved
The Science of Dunking
The Science of DunkingLen Fisher
Can science do anything to bring the dedicated biscuit dunker into parity with the dunker of doughnuts?
A New Form of Matter
Dr Tony Phillips
Scientists have created a new kind of matter.
Floating Flame Balls
Floating Flame BallsLinda Voss
Flames form tiny balls in space that might reveal the secrets of combustion here on Earth.
The Science of Superman
The Science of SupermanLois Gresh and Robert Weinberg
What is it that makes Superman Super?
Coffee Physics
Coffee PhysicsPatrick L. Barry
The physics of a humble bag of ground coffee still holds surprises for scientists...
Crystal Magic
Crystal MagicPatrick L. Barry
Figuring out the physics behind a seemingly magical way to produce high-quality crystals.
SuperconductorsPatrick L. Barry
New research is unlocking the amazing potential of high-temperature superconductors.
Solar Spitwads
Dr Tony Phillips
Researchers have discovered that high-energy particles from the Sun sometimes go in unexpected directions.
The Science of Washing Up
Patrick L. Barry
New research will help us to better understand the physics behind everyday foams.
City-Swallowing Sand Dunes
Trudy E. Bell
Researchers are studying the complex physics of menacing sand dunes.
A Troublesome Theory
Patrick L. Barry
A physics theory used to create "designer materials" doesn't work as scientists expected.
Extreme Maths: The Art of the Infinite
Robert and Ellen Kaplan
The true mysteries of mathematics lie at the limits of our thinking.
A Brief History of Infinity
Brian Clegg
The paradoxical twists and turns of infinity have baffled many great thinkers.
Spooky Atomic Clocks
Patrick L Barry and Dr Tony Phillips
Researchers are hoping to improve high-precision clocks by entangling their atoms.
Evicting Einstein
Patrick Barry
A physics experiment could help find the grand unifying "Theory of Everything."
Mystery in a Cup of Tea
Dr Tony Phillips
Researchers have learned something new about fluid physics from tea.
A Sphere of Near-Perfection
Patrick Barry
Now orbiting Earth, Gravity Probe B is a technological tour de force.
Was Galileo Wrong?
Dr Tony Phillips
Researchers are testing a fundamental assumption of modern physics.
Molecules Rule!
Dr Tony Phillips
Deciphering the group behaviour of atoms and molecules.
Spinning Human Brains
Dr Tony Phillips
Can human brains adapt to spinning spaceships?
Relativity ReviSITEd
relativityPatrick Barry
Gravity Probe B has begun its search for a bizarre prediction of Einstein's relativity.
A New Form of Matter - 2
Patrick Barry
Researchers have discovered a weird new phase of matter called fermionic condensates.
Picking On Einstein
relativityPatrick Barry
This year marks the 100th anniversary of a revolution in our notions of space and time.
Was Albert Einstein A Space Alien?
relativityDr Tony Philips
One hundred years ago, Albert Einstein revolutionized physics.
Crackling Planets
relativityTrudy E Bell
Astronauts on the Moon and Mars are going to have to cope with an uncommon amount of static electricity.
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Imaging the Brain
An image of the brainLos Alamos
Scientists are collaborating to develop new ways to study the function of the human brain.
Virtual You
Virtual YouJPL/CalTech
Think you must dress for success even in the bold new world of telecommuting?
The Audacious Space Elevator
Space ElevatorSteve Price
Scientists are seriously considering space elevators as a mass-transit system for the next century
Aurora - Secret Hypersonic Spyplane
Does one of America's intelligence agencies have a hypersonic aircraft capable of a Mach 6 performance?
Space Walking Robots
Space Walking RobotsChris Culbert
Nasa building a human-like robot...?
Flight into the Millennium
Flight into the Millennium
Stuart Carter
At the dawn of a new Millennium we are on the verge of a radical evolution of how we fly. Hyper-X will lead the way.

The Spacehopping Hyperplane
HyperplaneAnn Parker
Travel anywhere in the world in less than two hours - or even into space.

A New Dream
Farnborough F1Richard Noble
Richard Noble builds the Farnborough F1

Chemical Calculators
Chemical CalculatorsDavid Bradley
David Bradley investigates the future of computing - in a test-tube!

Space Lasers Take To The Winds
Space LasersAnnie Strickler
Scientists hope to use lasers to provide higher quality snapshots of the winds that travel the globe

Solar Power from Space
Solar Power from SpaceSteve Price
Could Solar power collected in space be the solution to our planet's growing energy problems?

Brainy 'Bots
Annie Strickler
Applying artificial intelligence to teach robots how to behave a little more like human explorers.

To Catch a Thief
The FBI have been seeking the help of two NASA scientists in the fight against crime.
Flying into the Future
Patrick Barry
Researchers are studying insects and birds to develop new and mindboggling aircraft designs.
Building a Droid for the ISS
Robot for the Space StationPatrick Barry
NASA scientists are building a talking, thinking and flying robot to help astronauts with their chores in space.
The Phantom Torso
Karen Miller
An unusual space traveller named Fred is helping to keep astronauts safe from Space Radiation.
Materials of the Future
Materials of the FuturePatrick Barry
The advanced space ships of tomorrow will be crafted from far-out materials...
The Computer Graveyard
Christine A. Finn
An archaeologist takes a look at the history of computing and where computers go to die...
Bionic Eyes
Bionic EyesSteve Price and Dr Tony Phillips
Ceramic photocells that could repair malfunctioning human eyes.
Climate Modelling at Warp Speed
SupercomputerPatrick Barry
New NASA technologies bring more power out of climate modelling supercomputers.
Beer in Space
Patrick Barry
Soft drinks and beer promise a welcome taste of home to faraway space travellers.
Space Touch
Steve Price
The Microgravity Glovebox has added the human touch to space station research.
Super Spaceships
Patrick Barry
Tomorrow's spacecraft will be built using advanced materials with mind-boggling properties
Wax Powered Rockets
Patrick Barry
The high-tech rocket fuels of the future could be made from candle wax!
Cool Fuel Cells
Patrick Barry
New research holds the prospect of cool fuel cells to propel future technology
Glass From Space
Karen Miller
Researchers have discovered that glass formed in space has remarkable properties.
Hydrogen Cars?
Steve Price
The drive toward a hydrogen-based economy.
The Greatest Plane Ever Built?
Stuart Carter
Was Concorde the best passenger plane ever built? And why no replacement?
Guiding Light
Patrick Barry
A new kind of glass pane containing liquid crystal droplets can guide and manipulate beams of light.
Languorous Liquids
Patrick Barry
Could "Languorous Liquids" help improve your golf game in the future?
Silicon Sidekicks
Patrick Barry
Exploring our solar system will require a new breed of intelligent robots.
CPOD - A Black Box For People
Karen Miller
A small device called "the CPOD" does for people what black boxes do for airplanes.
Bacterial Circuits
Karen Miller
By interfacing bacteria to silicon chips, researchers have created a device that can sense almost anything
Whatever happened to Virtual Reality?
Patrick Barry
Twenty years after the first wave of hype, virtual reality is making a comeback!
Robots of the Future
Dr Dylan Evans
Does the future of robotics hold the promise of a dream or a nightmare scenario?
Spying on Central America
Patrick Barry
Researchers have developed software anyone can use to fly, video game-style, over Central America
Electronic Nose
Karen Miller
Researchers are developing a sensitive artificial nose for space exploration.
The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire
Patrick Barry
Scientists are using space satellites to unravel one of the great mysteries of the ancient Mayan Empire.
The Science of Nanotechnology
Patrick L Barry
The science of nanotechnology could lead to radical improvements for space exploration.
Plastic Spaceships
Patrick L Barry
A "designer material" derived from plastic could help protect astronauts on their way to Mars.
Moon Tennis
Phil West
Humans are heading back to the Moon. Tennis, anyone?
How to Build a Better Rocket Engine
Dr Tony Phillips
Engineers have found a way to boost the performance of liquid fueled rockets
Virtual Rock Star
Elizabeth Quinn
Computer technology can now translate your air guitar moves into music, with no strings attached.
Skin Deep Storage
Katherine Nightingale
Chip implants that keep track of personal information seem like a novelty but do they have a more useful future?
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