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Games - Jigsaw Puzzle

The name of the game here is simply to scramble the jigsaw puzzle, and then put it back together in the shortest possible time. Click on the 'OK' button on the right to scramble the puzzle, and then get busy putting it back together.

To assist you you can click on the guides on the left which do the following.

1/ Show/Hide Pattern - This toggles on and off to give you a guide to work to.
2/ Show/Hide Pattern Edges - Shows just the edge pieces outlines.
3/ Show/Hide Number Matrix - Puts a number grid over the pattern.
4/ Toggle Bevelled/Flat Pieces - Highlights the flat edges on the pieces.
5/ Preview Image - Allows you to see what the image should look like when complete.
6/ Show/Hide Timer - Work against the clock or not.
7/ Scramble Pieces - Allows you to scramble the pieces and start again (Only shows after you have pressed 'OK')

Also, please note that Shift-Clicking on a piece will show you its number. And Alt-Click will rotate a piece clockwise.

Please be patient! The puzzle might take a few seconds to load.

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